Saturday, 2 November 2013

Art and Craft Market Preparation Woes

So, maybe the first thing I should tell you about is the art and craft market I will be appearing at next weekend; Padiham art and craft market .

This is the first of four art and craft markets I will be going to before Christmas; I guess this is the big art and craft market season, so I picked a good time to start going to them. This will be my first ever market of this kind and I am equal parts nervous and excited about it.

The nervousness is exacerbated by the fact that, typical me, I'm nowhere near being ready for it! I've just come back from a month away in Budapest (it's where the husband's from, and I lived there 2000-2005 so it's like a second home.) Anyway, that means it's now a mad rush to get ready. I have lots of giclée prints left over from my last show in Exeter to take, but they are kind of expensive (£55-£150 depending on size and whether they're framed or not) so I've been in negotiation with a local printer to make me some non-giclée but still good quality digital prints, plus some greetings cards, to have some more affordable stuff for the market crowd.

But...I got back late on Wednesday and emailed them Thursday morning, or so I thought. Actually, I had somehow managed to only email myself, thanks to yahoo's new weird system of putting everything into a text message style conversation - argh! The kind of super dumb mistake that's so typical of me! So I finally realised my mistake on Friday afternoon, and frantically contacted the printers, who have now sprung into action, although I still haven't actually sent them the files, plus I still have to mount them all; something I'm doing for myself for the first time too. Then there's the stall itself to consider - how to present my work, whether I have enough stands and display do-das, printing labels.....So, in short, next week is going to be craaaazy busy, wish me luck!

Here's one of the new images I'm hoping to get printed as a digital print. (I can't re-print any of my giclées as they are all strictly limited editions of 10)

Usually I like to think of my pictures as pure abstracts (although I know lots of people like to find images in them, which is cool with me, I'm just quite abstract minded by nature) but this picture has some fairly obvious figurative cues, doesn't it?

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