Wednesday, 4 December 2013

One Weekend; Two Art Fairs

So, this coming weekend looks like it is going to be super busy, with not one but two Art Fairs! And, to top it all, these look like they will be the biggest two fairs I've attended! I kind of wish they had been spread out a bit more, not least because the one on Sunday had actually accepted me to come on both days, but I had to cancel as I had already been accepted for the other one. So, the line up is like this:
Saturday will be the Handmade + Vintage Festive Market in Lancaster. I was hoping to show you some promotional material about it, but it seems they've sent it to me in too low a resolution (comforting to know I'm not the only one who has these problems). So I'll just have to direct you to the Facebook event page. Anyway, it will be a pretty big affair, with about 50 stalls.

Then on Sunday, there will be an even bigger event! It's the Winter Arts Market in the gorgeous St George's Hall in Liverpool.
Here's a picture of it from the last event:

And here's the flyer for this year's event:
And if that's still not enough info, the website is here.

So, these should be two great events for me, with - hopefully - lots of sales! I sold so little at the last fair that I haven't had to do anything this week in terms of re-stocking, I still have lots of cards and prints unsold, but I really hope I won't be able to say the same afterwards! Not least because these are the last two events I'll be going to before Christmas. 
My husband had to pick this weekend to be away with work, so my lovely mum will be joining me to lend a hand with loading and unloading the car and with manning the stall so I can have a lunch break. I'm not quite sure she knows what shes let herself in for. The other day on the phone she said "what are we doing again?". Ah well, she ran a hotel and was a pub landlady for about 40 years, so she is very good at chatting to people. She may well be able to drum up more sales than me!
Ok, so that's all to report at the moment. I'll get back to the inspirations and experimentations stuff after this weekend, when I shall also be back with a full report on how it all went. And of course, it goes without saying, if you are in this part of the world, you should absolutely come and join us! It has all the makings of a great weekend! 
My good friend that bought the print in Wakefield said he liked the last Instagram, so here's another, this time from just down the road in Manchester:

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