Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Chosen Few Pt 1

Hello again!
Well, it's been another busy week or so since my last post, and I'm going to endeavour to get up to date on all the stuff I haven't mentioned that I've been doing up till now, so this might be a long one.

Ok, so first a few updates. I didn't get through to the next round of the Saatchi Art competition! I was disappointed, but not too surprised. I had a look at the 300 which did make it through to the next round, and I have no complaints really. There's some fantastic artworks there. Check it out for yourself if you are interested; here. Actually, I do kind of have a complaint. Hardly any photographic works! Which is obviously the reason mine didn't get chosen ; )
There were lots of abstract paintings, which I think my entry would have looked really good next to; that's one bit of comfort I take from not getting further, that I really do think my work was just as strong, and I like to think I'm honest with myself in these instances. If anything, I'm often pretty harsh on myself, so I think my judgement is sound. So, why didn't my picture go through? I dunno, could be lots of reasons; not being in that "inner circle" of artists whose name is already known, or not being established enough on Saatchi Art. (more on being one of the "chosen few" of the art world, later on). Also, I hope this isn't true, but maybe I'm picking up from the few photographic works in the final, that there is still a feeling in the art world that a photo can't be "Art" in the same way that a painting can. Saatchi Art prides itself on featuring a very modern kind of art, so that seems surprising. However, it does make me more than ever want to have a go at painting some of these images that I've been photographing, as I've recently discovered on Saatchi Art a couple of painters whose works that looks so much like mine, but in painted form rather than photographic;

"Day and Age" by David Frederik Mousallem
"Landmark" by Tracey Sweeney

You see, for me, my work is on a par with theirs, and actually has an extra layer of interest, because my images are of REAL things that I found, rather than things I created in my studio. But I guess, for some people, it's that act of creation that is the important bit. My work is partly about finding beauty in the world around us, so the photographic element is important, but I do feel like I maybe need to add some painted elements to put my stamp on what I'm doing. Maybe a collage mix of photographic and painted elements is the way forward... watch this space.

"Calligraffiti III" by Galen Cheney
Ok, because this will be a long post, let's break it up with some more lovely images. Here's a few of my favourite pictures that made it through to the next round of the "Showdown" competition:

"When I Close My Eyes" by Pien Van Der Beek
"High high" by Sunyoung Hwang
"MOD659" by Andrea De Ranieri

And just to prove I don't only like abstracts (although you begin to see what I mean about strong personal preferences in the last post!)...
"Jardin Du Luxembourg September, France" by Susanna Bark

Wow, some great work, and I could have picked another dozen I really liked. And, actually going back to see the things I voted for I see there was lots of other really great work that didn't make it into the top 300. So I'm not gutted at all. No. Not me. That's coming through really clearly, right?

So, to prove that I'm bouncing back from this rejection, I've entered some work for a big contemporary art show called the Open West. Of course, being me, I got my entry in at the last minute, but fingers crossed it should be before the deadline. Looking at work that has been selected in previous years, I (once again) think I have a pretty good chance. I paid a little bit more for entry so that I could put in 4 pictures instead of just two, as I think the more of my work you see the more it makes sense. So, here are the four pictures I entered, some more from the batch I recently processed from Budapest;

With the second here in particular you can see how the work I enter to show at art shows is a bit different from that which I print to sell commercially. I guess it's less about looking aesthetically pleasing and more about showing clearly what I'm about - the marks made by unseen hands, the layers and textures, perhaps the mash-up of text and graffiti that can be seen on your average urban wall, but is here given a bit of a twist. Anyway, I should know about whether I'm one of the lucky forty selected for the show by the 19th, so fingers once again crossed. Ok, as usual, it's time for me to go, and I STILL haven't got round to sharing all my news. So, for next time: more about "the chosen few" in the form of a workshop I attended at the weekend by a top London curator, plus a recent trip to a great art gallery I stumbled across by chance, plus my recent metamorphosis into a community artist! I'll try and get round to that tomorrow..or soon!   

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